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Bandung, Bandung Cincau, Bandung Lychee, Barley, Barley Lemon, Chinese Tea, Cincau Nai, Cincau O, Cincau Sweet Corn, Ice Cream/Scoop, Kopi Nai, Kopi O, Lemon Sui, Lemon Teh, Limau, Lychee, Milo, Milo Cincau, Milo Nai, Milo Tabur, Nescafe Nai, Nescafe O, Neslo, Neslo Cincau, Nestum Nai, Nestum O, Sirap, Sirap Limau, Sirap Lychee, Sky Juice, Soft Drink (Can), Tea Lychee, Teh Tarik

Drink Type

Panas/Hot, Sejuk/Cold


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